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Assignment Name:   Design and Supervision Water Supply El Fouar - Zgharta
Country:   Lebanon
Name of Client:   CISP
Address:   El Fouar - Zgharta
Duration:   Start Date: Jan 2015
Completion Date: Present
Number of professional staff provided by the Consultant:   4
Narrative Description of the Project:  

Upon a tender launched by CISP, BTD was awarded the contract for designing and supervising the works of El Fouar water system. The project consists in a first phase:

  • To study the geology and the hydrogeology of El Fouar area in order to drill 1 or 2 water wells to supply water to El Fouar locality.
  • To drill and test the water wells

In the second phase, BTD designed the E&M equipments, the lift lines, the water distribution reservoir and the distribution network and prepared the tender dosucments.

Meanwhile, CISP launched the tender for drilling and testing one water well and BTD supervised the works. The well yielded a total flow if 100 l/sec but it was decided to extract 50 l/sec which is the sufficient yield to cover the needs of the locality up to year 2035. Works were completed in November 2015. Upon the results obtained, BTD reviewed the E&M and hydraulic designs and updated the tender documents. 

CISP is about to launch the tender for the construction works and BTD will supervise them.

The cost of the works was 3 MUSD.

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