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Assignment Name:   Service Contract for the design and supervision of the works execution for the upgrading of water facilities in Tripoli - Nabaa Youchaa and Marjeyoun
Country:   Lebanon
Name of Client:   CISP
Address:   Tripoli - Nabaa Youchaa and Marjeyoun
Duration:   Start Date: 5/9/2014
Completion Date: 5/9/2015
Number of professional staff provided by the Consultant:   3
Narrative Description of the Project:  

The CISP launched a tender among several consultants to design:

  • The rehabilitation works of El Hab spring catchment works which supplies Tripoli city with water.
  • The development of Nabi Youchaa water well which waters, in normal days, are used for domestic and irrigation purposes.
  • The replacement of the electromechanical equipments of Marj El Khokh water well which waters are used to supply Marjayoun locality.
  • The drilling of a new water well in replacement to an existing shallow one.
  • And to supervise the construction works of the above-mentioned projects.

BTD won the tender and was awarded the contract for the design and the construction supervision of the works.

The overall cost of the works was 2 MUSD

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