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Assignment Name:   Supervision Wadi Jamous - Miniara - Aarqa (well liftline pumping station and Network)
Country:   Lebanon
Name of Client:   UNICEF
Address:   Wadi Jamous
Duration:   Start Date: 27/2/2019
Completion Date: -
Number of professional staff provided by the Consultant:   -
Narrative Description of the Project:  

UNITED NATIONS INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S FUND (UNICEF) has contracted AL MADAR TRADING AND CONTRACTING to drill a water well in Ouadi El Jamous village under the supervision of B.T.D.

The study area is located within the cadastral limits of Ouadi el Jamous village – Akkar Caza, at an approximate elevation of 100 masl. The well is located on a hill “Tallet Manzalet Rouaye”, which is south west of Akkar plain. The elevation decreases from around 230 masl in the Southeast at Jabal Abou Riah to around 60 masl in the agricultural plain in the northwest. One main river crosses the study area flowing in the NNW direction called Nahr El Jamous River

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