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Assignment Name:   Supervision Services for the Construction of Sewerage Networks, and Wastewater Treatment Plant in Marjayoun
Country:   Lebanon
Name of Client:   CDR
Address:   Tellat el Serail
Duration:   Start Date: 29/9/2017
Completion Date: 11/8/2023
Number of professional staff provided by the Consultant:   10
Narrative Description of the Project:  

The works of "Construction of Sewerage networks and Design and Construction of wastewater treatment plant in Marjayoun - El Khiyam region project" covers the construction of wastewater collection and conveyance systemsm the design and construction of wastewater treatment plant in El Khiyam plain including operation, maintenance and staff training of the same in the areas of Dibbine, Blat, Ebel Es Saqi, Marjayoun, El Khiyam, part of Qlaiaa and Borj El Mlouk in South of Lebanon,

The scope of works covered by this contract includes three components:

  • Wastewater collection and conveyance systems.
  • Wastewater treatment plant
  • Operation, maintenance and staff training.
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