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Assignment Name:   Supervision of construction of water lines, pumping stations, water wells, reservoirs and wastewater treatment plant in Bcharre Region (North Lebanon)
Country:   Lebanon
Name of Client:   CDR
Address:   Tellat el Serail
Duration:   Start Date: 16 January 2015
Completion Date: 4 April 2020
Number of professional staff provided by the Consultant:   0
Narrative Description of the Project:  

As master plan for the water resources allocation and for the collection of the wastewater all over the Bcharre caza was prepared between 1997 and 2000 by BTD to the benfit of the Ministry of Energy and Water.

Between 2000 and 2006 the Ministry of Energy and Water drilled and tested three potential water wells; the first in Bcharre, the second in El Arz area and the third in Chira area.

In year 2010, the CDR, upon a financing from the Lebanese Government awarded the BTD to design the water systems of Bcharre, Bnahle, Hadchit and El Arz water systems, the collection and the conveyance of El Arz area, Bcharre, Bnahle, and Hadchit wastewaters to w wastewater treatment plant in Bhcarre and to prepare the corresponding Tender Documents, Bills of Quantities and costs estimates.

Then, upon a financing from the KFAED, BTD was awarded in 2012 the contract to design and supervise the water works, in line with the water allocation plan of year 2000.

Later on, in 2014, the KFAED awarded BTD the design and the construction supervision of Qnat water systems.

In 2015, CDR awarded BTD through a biding procedure and through a financing from the AFSED the construction supervision of the works in Bcharre, Bnahle, Hadchit and El Arz.

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